rafting a Dynamic News Feed Page in ReactJS


Join us as we develop the UI for the ‘News Feed’ page in our newspaper app, utilizing Radix UI and React Responsive to ensure it works flawlessly on all devices. This tutorial covers the creation of the News Feed Preference Form and its integration with the backend to personalize user content based on preferences.


What You’ll Learn:


UI Development:
Building the News Feed page using Radix UI to ensure a smooth and responsive user experience.


Form Implementation:
Creating a News Feed Preference Form that captures user preferences for news filtering.


API Integration:
Connecting the form to the ‘updateUserData’ API to store user preferences and using the ‘getUserFeed’ API to fetch personalized news.


Tutorial Highlights:


Detailed explanation of designing responsive UI components with Radix UI.
Best practices for handling form data and integrating it with Laravel backend APIs.
Techniques for fetching and displaying news based on user preferences stored in the backend.


Engage and Innovate:


Apply these techniques to enhance the functionality and user experience of your own projects.
Share your development process and learn from community feedback to refine your skills.


We Value Your Feedback:


Your insights and feedback are invaluable for improving our tutorials. Please let us know your thoughts.


Happy Developing!


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