Creating a Robust Login API with Laravel

In this tutorial, we delve into the backend development of our newspaper app by creating a Login API using Laravel. This video will guide you through the entire process from setting up API routes to testing with Postman, ensuring that you can create a secure and effective login system.

What You’ll Learn:

API Route Setup:
Establishing the API route in the api.php file for the login functionality.

Controller Creation:
Developing an AuthController where we will write the logic for user authentication.

User Migration Updates:
Adjusting the user migration to accommodate the login functionality effectively.

Data Formatting:
Creating a UserResource to format the user data before it’s sent back to the frontend.

Detailed Steps Covered:

Set up the login API route and test it using Postman.
Write authentication logic in the AuthController.
Update user migrations to ensure compatibility with the authentication system.
Implement UserResource for optimal data formatting.

Interactive Learning:

Engage with the course by asking questions, and participate actively to enhance your understanding.
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We Value Your Feedback:

We appreciate all forms of feedback to make this course more beneficial for everyone involved.

Happy Developing!

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