Enhancing User Experience with Customizable News Feed Preferences


Dive into this comprehensive tutorial where we enhance the functionality of our news feed by integrating user preferences stored in our Laravel backend. This video details how preferences like authors, categories, and sources are used to filter news articles, improving the personalization of the news feed.


What You’ll Learn:


Preference Integration:
Connecting the news feed preference filters with the user’s saved preferences using ReactJS and Recoil state management.


Dynamic Form Values:
How to dynamically set form values based on user preferences from the database upon page load or refresh.


API Updates:
Modifying the getUserFeed API to utilize user-defined preferences for a tailored news feed experience.


Author Data Handling:
Populating the ‘authors’ select field with actual data and updating the API logic to fetch relevant articles.


Tutorial Highlights:


Implementing a cohesive user preference system that influences news content displayed.
Techniques for fetching and displaying dynamic form values based on backend data.
Using Recoil for state management to maintain consistency across the application.


Engage and Innovate:


Apply these advanced techniques to enhance user interaction and content relevancy in your projects.
Discuss your approaches to integrating user preferences in web applications.


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Happy Developing!


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