Welcome to the first video in our new course: “Full Stack Web & Mobile App Development using JavaScript | Become an Expert JavaScript Developer | Create apps using JavaScript.” 🎉

In this initial lecture, we kick off the course by diving into HTML, the backbone of any web development project. This course is designed for complete beginners, so no prior experience is needed. Here’s what we covered:

Course Overview:
Introduction to HTML:
Understanding what HTML is and its importance.

Tags and Attributes:
Learning the basics of HTML tags and attributes.

Creating an HTML File:
Step-by-step guide to creating and viewing an HTML file in a browser.

Building UI/Structure:
Using HTML to structure any website’s UI.

What You’ll Learn:
HTML Basics:
Explanation of HTML and its necessity in web development.

Tags and Attributes:
Detailed insights into various HTML tags and attributes.

File Creation:
How to create an HTML file and view it in your browser.

UI Design:
Crafting the structure of a website using HTML.

Next Steps:
Upcoming Videos:
Introduction to CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, TypeScript, and more.
Course Goals:
By the end of this course, you’ll be a proficient full stack web & mobile app developer using JavaScript and its frameworks/libraries.

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