🔍 CSS Property Values Unveiled

Welcome to another enlightening tutorial by Zaions! In this comprehensive Urdu/Hindi guide, we unravel the mystery behind CSS property values ‘inherit’, ‘initial’, ‘unset’, and ‘revert’. From the basics to advanced usage, we cover it all.

📘 Key Topics Covered

Inherit: Understand how to pass on values from parent to child elements.
Initial: Explore the default values assigned to properties.
Unset: Learn a powerful value that acts as either ‘inherit’ or ‘initial’ depending on the context.
Revert: Dive into a value that returns the property to its default value.
‘All’ Property: Discover the special ‘all’ property and its application to set values globally.
✨ Comprehensive Guide

Every aspect is explained in detail, ensuring you grasp the concepts fully. Real-world examples make it easy for you to apply these values in your projects.

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