Hi there,
Welcome to the last video of this course on a complete guide on how to make a complete professional eCommerce website in WordPress using the woocommerce plugin.
in this video will do the final customization of our website to make it look fully functional and professional we have completed all the task in our website to make it an eCommerce website in WordPress, first of all, we did install a flash wordpress installation in our computer then we add a new theme in our fresh wordpress installation after that we installed all the required plugins in our website and one additional plugin name woocommerce to make it IEEE Congress website after that we completed the set the process for woocommerce plugin and then we added a new product in our website. afterward we created the required pages for our woocommerce plugin. and then we set up the widgets area and the menu of our website.
in this video we will customize the header of our website as you can see the header area of a website is not looking up any professional right now so where will customize that.
to customize the header of your website go into the dashboard of your website then under a parents tab click on customize this will take you the customers of your theme have you can see the option of the header in which click on it and here you can see the header image you can replace it or remove it I will suggest you add a professional banner image for your website we will use a demo image after changing click on publish to publish this changes on your website.

now I will tell you how you can check orders on the back and as you are website on the so if any customer place order on your website then how you can check that to check orders on your freshly created eCommerce website goes into – part of your website and under what does tab you can say there’s an orders tab click on it here you will see all the orders of your website you can change the status of any order or complete any order and things like that.

now I will tell you how are you can add a coupon system in your freshly created e-commerce website.
as we have used the vo Congress again so the coupon system is built-in in woocommerce plugin.
add a new coupon just go into your dashboard then under woocommerce tab, you can see there is a coupons tab click on it and you will redirect to coupons page where you can see all the available coupons of your website to add a new coupon click on add coupon then it will take you to the at the open page you need to add a coupon code and I suggest you use the generate coupon code this will always greater than 10 code for a coupon then afterward as an add a description this is totally optional this is just to remind you what this coupon is all about after that you need to select the discount type and you can select office fixed card discount or percentage card discount I suggest you to select a percentage cart amount to make this coupon up 50% or 30% off.

here you can also add this reaction on this open and limits on this spoken so I just you to check all the remaining options after adding coupon click publish to make this coupon available inside now you can give this coupon code to any user or any email campaign to use this coupon in your website so that’s how you at coupons in your website wordpress website using woocommerce plugin.

finally, we have created a fully professional eCommerce website in WordPress using woocommerce plugin we have seen how to install wordpress locally then how to install a free professional eCommerce theme in our website afterward I installed the required plugins for our website and added are in national flag in which will go commerce which made our website a complete eCommerce website then we added a product in our website afterward we created the required pages for our website and finally our complete eCommerce website is completed now you can use this website to sell your products online this is a completely functional eCommerce website and it is completely responsive menu can use it on desktop and mobile.

that’s it for this course here are our quotes on how to create a professional eCommerce website in WordPress using woocommerce plugin ends.

see you in the next course tell then have fun.