Complete Guide, make an account, setup profile, apply to jobs, 100% explained – 1.2

Hi there, welcome to this section of videos in which you will learn everything you need to know about jobs providing websites like,,,,, etc.
First, you will learn about the basic of these websites and their basic features, then we will create an account in these websites, setup our profiles to make then 100% complete, will learn how to search for jobs and in the end, we will apply for some jobs,
So this is a full and final guide for you to learn about how to get a job soon.

In this video, we will continue completing our sign-up process, now after entering your personal information, now you need to provide your professional and educational information mean you need to add your previous work experience history and your all educational levels this will help jobs providing companies to provide you a better job suited for your experience and education.
After proving your previous work experience history and your education history your profile is almost 50% complete. we will continue this in next video where we will complete our provide 100%.
One Important thing always tries to provide correct information on all such jobs providing websites. this is a good practice and you should follow this.

See You Next Time.
Have Fun!

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