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Full-Stack Mobile App Development using CapacitorJs, ReactJs, and Typescript – Professional Course – NewsPaper Mobile App Development Course. In this video, we will take the first steps in transforming our existing Newspaper web app into a fully functional mobile app for Android and iOS.

What You’ll Learn:

Review of Previous Course:
See what we developed in our last course (available on Zaions YouTube Channel: Zaions YouTube Channel).

Project Setup:
Setting up the project for mobile app development using Capacitor CLI.

Resolving Android Studio Issues:
Step-by-step guide to fixing common issues in Android Studio.

App Icon and Splash Screen:
Customize your app’s look using the “@capacitor/assets” package.

Running the App on Emulator:
Detailed instructions to set up and run your app on an Android emulator.

App Configuration:
Setting up app name and other information with “@trapezedev/configure”.

Upcoming Videos
In the next video, we will create a bundled file of our app and upload it to Google Play Console. Yes, in this course, we will cover the entire process from development to publishing your Android app on Google Play Console.

Why Join This Course?

This course offers a detailed, step-by-step guide to Full-Stack Mobile App Development using ReactJs and CapacitorJs. By the end of this course, you’ll have a fully functional Newspaper app ready for publishing.

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