Welcome to another video in our comprehensive Full-Stack Mobile App Development Course.
In this session, we will take you through the crucial steps of finalizing and building your Android app for distribution.

Video Highlights:
App Finalization:

Customizing app icon and splash screen.
Setting app name, build code, and build number.
Configuring permissions in the Android manifest file.

Creating APK File:

Step-by-step guide to generating the APK file using Android Studio.
Testing the APK file on an Android emulator.

Creating AAB File:

Instructions to create the AAB file, essential for uploading your app to Google Play Console.
Understanding Keystore Files:

Explanation of keystore files and their importance.
How to create a keystore file using Android Studio.
Best practices for securing your keystore file.

Upcoming Videos

In the next video, we will use the AAB file created in this session to upload our app to Google Play Console and create a new app listing.

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