Welcome to an exciting part of our Full-Stack Mobile App Development Course. In this video, we will take the crucial steps to release our Newspaper app on Google Play Console.

Video Highlights:
Google Play Console Account:

Setting up your Google Play Console developer account (one-time fee of $25).
Ensuring your account is ready to create and manage apps.

Creating a New App:

Steps to create a new app in Google Play Console.
Choosing a unique name for your app.
Uploading the AAB File:

Detailed guide on uploading your AAB file to Google Play Console.
Releasing the App:

Completing the required steps to release your app on Google Play Console.
Understanding the importance of a privacy policy and how to host it online.

What You Need:

Google Play Console Account: A developer account ready to use.

AAB File:
The AAB file we created in the previous video.

Privacy Policy:
A hosted privacy policy with a working URL.

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Upcoming Videos

In the next video, we will continue with the app context settings and finalize our app release on Google Play Console.

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