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In this video tutorial, we will delve into the installation and usage of Postman on a Windows system. Whether you are a developer, tester, or simply someone who wants to work with APIs, Postman is the tool for you! 🛠️

📌 Table of Contents:
Downloading Postman from the Official Website
Installation Process on Windows
Creating a Postman Account
Testing APIs using Postman

🎯 What You’ll Gain from This Video
Downloading Postman from Official Website 💻
First things first, we’ll download Postman from the official website. Use the link below to grab the installer.
Link Text: Official Postman Downloads

Installation Process on Windows 🖥️
After downloading, we will proceed to install Postman on Windows, showcasing each step in detail.

Creating a Postman Account 🌐
Next, we’ll sign up for a new Postman account and log in using those credentials on the installed Postman app.

Testing APIs using Postman 🌐
Lastly, learn how to use Postman effectively for hitting and testing API requests.

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