📌 Introduction
Hello, and welcome to another installment in our series focused on VS Code! Today, we’re diving deep into the installation process of VS Code on a Windows system. We’ll also help you get started by introducing some basic but essential features. 🚀

📌 What You’ll Learn
Downloading VS Code: How to properly download the setup file 📥
Installation: Step-by-step guide to installing VS Code on Windows ⚙️
Initial Setup: Learn how to open folders with “code .” command and solve common issues 📂
Integrated Terminal: A look at the built-in terminal in VS Code 🖥️
Theming and Icons: Customize your workspace by setting the theme and installing “vscode-icons” 🎨

📌 Who Is This Video For?
Whether you are new to VS Code or transitioning from another editor, this tutorial is perfect for you! 🌟

📌 VS Code Extensions: Installation & Usage Guides Playlist

🌟 See You Next Time & Have Fun!