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We’re back with Part 2 of our deep dive into HTML tables. If you’ve watched the first part, you’ll find this video a great follow-up as we explore tbody, tfoot, tr, td, and other essential attributes like border and colspan. 🚀

📌 Table of Contents:
– Overview of Tbody, Tfoot, Tr, Td Tags
– Attributes of Table Tag
– Creating Visually Appealing Tables

📚 What You’ll Learn:
– Overview of Tbody, Tfoot, Tr, Td Tags 🎨
– – How these tags form the body and footer of a table
– – Their relationship with the thead tag

– Attributes of Table Tag 🛠️
– – How border and colspan attributes enhance table formatting

– Creating Visually Appealing Tables 🌟
– – Practical steps to design a table that looks great just with HTML

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