Enhancing Mobile Responsiveness for the Search News Articles Page

In this tutorial, we dive into improving the mobile user experience for our newspaper app by making the ‘Search News Articles’ page responsive. Learn how to adapt form fields into an accordion layout for better mobile usability and how to effectively manage data fetching using React Query and Axios.

What You’ll Learn:

Responsive UI Design:
Adapting the search filters into an accordion format for mobile screens to enhance user interaction.

API Integration:
Calling the ‘getNewsFeed’ API and managing response data using Recoil state management.

Testing on Mobile:
Methods for ensuring the UI elements perform seamlessly across different mobile devices.

Tutorial Highlights:

Step-by-step process to convert inline forms to accordion style on mobile devices using CSS and JavaScript.
Utilizing React Query for efficient data fetching and Axios for API calls.
Implementing Recoil for state management to handle API data dynamically.

Engage and Innovate:

Apply these responsive design techniques to improve your mobile app interfaces.
Share your version of mobile-responsive elements and discuss adaptations with the community.

We Value Your Feedback:

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Happy Developing!

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