Enhancing User Registration with ReactJS and Axios

In this tutorial, we take a deep dive into integrating the Register API we created in our Laravel backend into our ReactJS frontend using React Query and Axios. This video also covers the linkage between the registration and login pages and significant code optimizations to enhance maintainability and performance.

What You’ll Learn:

API Integration:
Implementing the Register API using React Query for efficient data fetching and state management.

Navigation Links:
Adding seamless navigation between the Register and Login pages to improve user experience.

Code Optimization:
Applying the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle to refine the codebase, making it cleaner and more efficient.

Utilizing React Toastify for success notifications and CapacitorJS Toast API for error handling in form validations.

Data Storage:
Leveraging CapacitorJS Preference API to store user data securely in local storage.
Key Takeaways:

Gain insights into effective API integration in a React application.
Learn how to link pages within your app to enhance user flows.
Understand how to apply essential programming principles for better code quality.

Engagement and Interaction:

Practice these implementations to solidify your understanding.
Share your progress and learning experiences within the community.

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