Expanding Our Backend with User Management APIs

Join us as we extend the functionality of our newspaper app by adding essential user management APIs using Laravel. This video will walk you through the creation and testing of APIs for user registration, logout, retrieving user data, and updating user data.

APIs Covered in This Tutorial:

Register API:
How to set up user registration.

Logout API:
Implementing a secure logout process.

GetUserData API:
Retrieving current user information.

UpdateUserData API:
Allowing users to update their information.

Implementation Details:

Creating and configuring API routes in api.php.
Developing controllers for handling business logic.
Utilizing Postman to test and verify API functionality.

Engage and Learn:

Ask questions if you encounter any difficulties or need clarification on specific steps.
Participate actively and share your progress within the community.

Upcoming Content:

Stay tuned for further tutorials that will delve into more advanced features and integrations of our app.
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Happy Developing!

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