Enhancing UI and Form Management in ReactJS

Join us in this detailed tutorial where we focus on developing the registration page for our newspaper app using ReactJS and TypeScript. This video will guide you through using Formik for form management and Zod for form validation, coupled with the robust Radix UI component library.

What You’ll Learn:

UI Development with Radix UI:
Implementing Radix UI components to create a clean and functional user interface.

Form Management with Formik:
Learn to efficiently handle forms in ReactJS, enhancing user input management.

Validation with Zod:
Ensuring data integrity with powerful and flexible validation using Zod.

Custom Components:
Creation of a ‘TextInput’ component to manage text inputs dynamically within the registration form.

Secure Password Handling:
Adding logic to toggle visibility of password inputs, enhancing security and user experience.

Detailed Steps Covered:

Setting up the initial form layout using Formik and integrating Radix UI components.
Implementing Zod for robust validation checks.
Developing custom hooks and components to manage form states and behaviors.

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Happy Coding!

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