Dive Into User Authentication and Routing with ReactJS

Join us in this comprehensive video where we tackle several important aspects of developing a newspaper app using ReactJS. This session is focused on setting up user authentication including login and registration functionalities, and implementing dynamic routing with React Router V6.

What We Cover in This Video:

React Router V6 Configuration:
Learn how to set up and manage routing for different components like login, register, and user feed pages.

User Authentication Setup:
Implement the login and registration functionalities using Axios for API calls and React Query for managing server state.

Route Guards:
Introduction to creating protected routes using an “AuthenticatedHOC” to ensure that only authenticated users can access certain parts of the application.

State Management:
Utilize “userDataRStateAtom” for storing and updating user authentication data dynamically.

Step-by-Step Implementation:

Set up basic component files with dummy content.
Configure React Router for dynamic navigation.
Develop secure authentication processes.
Test and validate functionalities to ensure robustness.

Interactive Learning:

Engage with the content, ask questions, and share your experiences. Your active participation helps build a collaborative learning environment.
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We Value Your Feedback:

Any honest feedback is welcomed. Help us improve and tailor the course to better meet your learning needs.

Happy Developing!

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