Advanced Backend Setup with Laravel Telescope and Sanctum

Welcome back to our full-stack development course where we are building a professional newspaper app using ReactJS and Laravel. This video focuses on the crucial steps of integrating and configuring Laravel Telescope and Laravel Sanctum for effective API management and authentication.

Key Components Setup:

Laravel Telescope:
An elegant debugger and API monitor that helps in managing and testing your APIs efficiently.
Laravel Sanctum: Provides a simple and lightweight authentication system for SPAs (single-page applications) and APIs.

Testing with Postman:
Learn to use Postman, a powerful API testing tool, to test both your backend APIs and third-party news APIs.
We will be using APIs from prominent news sources like NewsAPI, The Guardian, and The New York Times.

Installation Guide:
Follow detailed steps to install and configure both packages, ensuring your backend is secure and robust.
Upcoming Videos:

Look forward to more in-depth tutorials where we’ll continue testing and refining our API integrations.
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