Launch Your Backend with Laravel for the Newspaper App

In this tutorial, we dive into setting up the backend for our newspaper app using Laravel, which follows the initial setup of our ReactJS with TypeScript frontend. This video is tailored for developers who are familiar with Laravel and are looking to integrate it into a full-stack environment.

Backend Setup Overview:

Laravel Installation:
Learn how to install Laravel using the Laravel Installer and Composer. The process is streamlined to set you up quickly and efficiently.

Essential Packages:
We’ll introduce and integrate essential Laravel packages:
Laravel Telescope: For robust API management and monitoring.
Laravel Sanctum: For secure API authentication.

Installation Steps:
Use composer global require laravel/installer to install the Laravel Installer.
Create a new project with laravel new {project name}.

What’s Next?

In upcoming videos, we’ll finalize the setup of Laravel Telescope and Sanctum, and continue building out the backend functionalities that will drive our newspaper application.
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