Getting Started with ReactJS and TypeScript for Newspaper App Development

Welcome to the second video of our full-stack development course focusing on building a professional newspaper app using ReactJS and Laravel.
This video is specifically dedicated to setting up the frontend of our newspaper app using ReactJS and TypeScript.

Why ReactJS with TypeScript?

Structured Setup: Using “@ionic/cli” to initiate our project, ensuring everything is configured optimally from the start.
Choosing the Right Tools: Opting for Radix UI over Ionic due to current compatibility issues with React Router v6.

Comprehensive Package Overview:
UI and State Management: Implementing Radix UI, Recoil for state, and React Select for enhanced input components.

API and Routing:
Utilizing Tanstack React Query for efficient data fetching and React Router V6 for navigation.

Enhancements and Utilities:
Including CapacitorJs for hybrid app capabilities, Dayjs for date handling, and more.
Installation Guide:

Follow along as we install and configure essential libraries and packages, setting a solid foundation for our development process.

Course Objectives:

Build a robust, scalable, and secure frontend for our newspaper application.
Prepare for hybrid mobile application development using CapacitorJs.
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Engage with the course by asking questions, sharing insights, and expanding your network by sharing this video. Your active participation and feedback are highly encouraged to make this learning experience even better.

Happy Coding!

🌟 See You Next Time & Have Fun!