Complete Guide, make an account, setup profile, apply to jobs, 100% explained – 1.3

Hi there, welcome to this section of videos in which you will learn everything you need to know about jobs providing websites like,,,,, etc.
First, you will learn about the basic of these websites and their basic features, then we will create an account in these websites, setup our profiles to make then 100% complete, will learn how to search for jobs and in the end, we will apply for some jobs,
So this is a full and final guide for you to learn about how to get a job soon.

In this video, we will continue completing making our profile 100% complete and then in next video, we will learn how to search for correct jobs which are best suited for us, so let’s start the video, first of all till now we have complete our basic profile setup, now before going any further we need to confirm our account, have sent a confirmation email on our email address which we used to make an account on this website. So to confirm your account you just need to login to your email account and click the confirmation button.
How to make a professional email address:

After confirming your account now we need to add some final piece of information to make our account 100% complete, first of all, we need to add our professional summary. you can understand this as your introduction to the CV reader, therefore you need to take some time here and write a next summary which explains correctly what you are and what you capable of.
now after that, we need to add skills, now before adding skills I want to make this clear that don’t hurry here at all, skills are very important in term of getting you a job so you need to add all skills you have, you know MS office great add that as a skill, you know how to solve problem Excellent add that as a skill add each and every skill you have this will maximize the chance of you getting a job.
why skills are so important?
let me answer this one first, then we will continue, skills are important because when a company posts a job they define requirements for that job, let’s say a company needs a web developer they posted a job for web developer and said the web developer needs to know about “HTML”, now if you have added “HTML” in your skills then you are very likely to get this job, I hope now you understand why skills are so important, now back to our video, add your skills, and after that, we need to add all our projects and some other information.
we will continue from here on in the next video.

See you Next Time :)
Have Fun!