Complete Guide, make an account, setup profile, apply to jobs, 100% explained – 1.5

Hi there, welcome to this section of videos in which you will learn everything you need to know about jobs providing websites like,,,,, etc.
First, you will learn about the basic of these websites and their basic features, then we will create an account in these websites, setup our profiles to make then 100% complete, will learn how to search for jobs and in the end, we will apply for some jobs,
So this is a full and final guide for you to learn about how to get a job soon.

Now comes the most important part,
How To search for correct jobs.
Yes, it is very important to know the correct way to search for jobs because there are many jobs listed in these websites, and the most important thing is to know the correct way of searching the best job for yourself, and here I will explain that to you so get ready.
first of all go to the job listing page. and search for job using
1) job title and 2) city
just with these two options when jobs get listed and you need to apply some filters
1) select career level, if you have worked somewhere before then you can add your career level “Experienced professional” otherwise choose “Entry Level”.
and select experience levels respectively.
So, we have selected
1) Job Title
2) City
3) career level
4) Experience
This way you will filter down the best jobs for yourself now apply for these jobs and you will be very likely to get a call back from them, Good Luck Job Hunting.

See You Next Time :)
Have Fun!