how to install WordPress locally in XAMPP in windows 7/8/10?

Hi there, in this video I will explain to you how you can install WordPress locally in XAMPP in windows 7/8/10. first you need to install xampp on your computer.

I have explained how you can install xampp locally in your computer, for complete video:
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After the successful installation of xampp, you need to download WordPress, form, get a zip file of WordPress.
and unzip/extract it using WinRAR (install WinRAR if you don’t have it already on your computer).
copy the extracted folder in the “htdocs” folder inside your “xampp directory”. now open google chrome and type “localhost”, and enter. it will open the dashboard of your xampp. now after “localhost” type “/” and “name-of-your-WordPress-folder-inside-htdocs-folder” and enter.
this will start installation process of WordPress.
now follow the following steps to complete the installation process:
1) hit next
2) hit next/continue
3) make a new database, go to “localhost/phpmyadmin” to make a new database
4) copy the name of the database
5) come back in the tab where WordPress is installing
6) enter the database name
7) enter username “it will be ‘root'”
8) enter password “for root user it will be empty/nothing/leave password filed
9) hit “next/run installation”
10) enter name for your website
11) enter your admin username, and admin userpassword
12) enter your admin email address (personal email address)
13) select “confirm using week password
14) hit “next”
15) installation is done
16) hit “login”
17) login using the admin username and adminpassword

Hurray! you have successfully installed WordPress locally on xampp in your windows 7/8/10 computer.
Have fun :)