👋 Hello, Fellow Coders! Welcome back to another Zaions tutorial.

Today we’re tackling the HTML Lists Challenge! We’ll go through each step of the challenge and by the end, you’ll have a complete, working solution. 🌟

📌 Table of Contents:
Intro: The HTML Lists Challenge
Decoding the Challenge
Step-by-Step Coding
Final Working Solution

🎯 What’s Covered?
Intro: The HTML Lists Challenge 📝
What exactly is this challenge? Let’s break it down!

Decoding the Challenge 🧩
Here, we’ll go through what the challenge asks for and what you’ll need to complete it.

Step-by-Step Coding 💻
Ordered Lists
Unordered Lists
Nested Lists
Walk with me as I code the solution, explaining each point in detail.

Final Working Solution ✅
Voila! We have a working solution. Let’s go over what we’ve accomplished.

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🌟 See You Next Time & Have Fun!