🚀 Welcome to the Second Module of Our AWS Lambda Course in Urdu/Hindi by Zaions!
In our journey to master serverless architecture using AWS, we’ve made significant progress. After laying the foundational knowledge in our first video, we’re diving deeper into the functionalities and capabilities of AWS Lambda and its synergistic services.

In this video, we cover:
An in-depth exploration of AWS Lambda Editor Screen, including the Configuration, Versions, Alias, and Monitor Tabs.

The process of creating a public callable URL for your Lambda function.

Introduction to AWS API Gateway:
why it’s essential and how to utilize it for robust API creation.

Step-by-step guidance on creating a RESTful API in AWS API Gateway, focusing on resources, methods, stages, and deployment.

Practical demonstration of API testing using Postman.

Detailed explanation of API Gateway’s advanced options: Client, Method Request, and Integration Request.

Why This Course?
📚 Comprehensive Curriculum: From AWS basics to advanced API services.
💡 Practical Insights: Real-world applications and hands-on demonstrations.
🌍 Language Friendly: Fully in Urdu/Hindi to cater to our community.

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