👋 Welcome to another insightful tutorial brought to you by Zaions! Today, we’re diving deep into the world of GitHub, enhancing our previous knowledge, and taking a significant step towards mastering Git. This course, delivered in Urdu/Hindi, is designed to equip you with advanced skills for managing projects on GitHub seamlessly.

What We Cover:
🚀 Cloning a GitHub Repo:
Learn how to bring a GitHub repository to your local machine, exploring options such as –single-branch, –branch, –depth, and –origin, and understanding their uses.

🌱 Starting Local, Going Remote:
Tactics for initiating your project locally and then pushing it to GitHub.

🔄 Remote First, Local Development Next:
Strategies for starting with a GitHub repo and then moving to local development.

👥 Collaboration Techniques:
Best practices for working on projects with team members, including effective communication and task management.

🛠 Resolving Merge Conflicts:
Step-by-step guide on identifying and resolving code conflicts to maintain project harmony.

🔀 Merging Code:
How to safely merge code changes and keep your project up-to-date.

We’ve previously laid the groundwork on setting up GitHub, creating repositories, and code backup. This tutorial builds upon that foundation, pushing your Git knowledge further.

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