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Stuck in the tangled branches of Git? Confused about SSH keys? This video simplifies the complexity for you!

📌 What’s Inside?
Git Branch Management 🌳
SSH Key Generation 🔑
Command-line Magic 🎩

🔥 Git Branch Management 🔥
Navigate through the branches of Git like a pro! Here’s a snapshot of the commands you’ll master:

Create New Branch: git checkout -b {branch-name}
Delete Branch: git branch -d {branch-name}
List All Branches: git branch
Switch Between Branches: git checkout {branch-name}

🔥 SSH Keys Explained 🔥
Say goodbye to repetitive logins with SSH keys. Learn how to set them up to make your Git experience seamless.

🔥 Interacting with Server 🔥
Pull from Server: git pull {remote-origin-name} {branch-name-on-server}
Push to Server: git push {remote-origin-name} {branch-name-on-local-system}
Fetch All Branches: git fetch –all

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