🌟 Welcome to Another Informative Tutorial by Zaions! 🌟

Today’s lesson dives deep into the crucial topic of CSS Specificity. Ever wonder why some styles override others? That’s specificity at work!

📌 In this Tutorial, You Will Learn:
How CSS Specificity is Calculated 📊
The Importance of Understanding Specificity 🎯
Practical Examples and Solutions 🛠️

📈 CSS Specificity: The Basics 📈
We’ll start by understanding how specificity units are allocated for different types of selectors:

Tag name, pseudo-element selectors: 1 unit 📜
Class, attribute, pseudo-class selectors: 10 units 🏷️
ID selectors: 100 units 🔒
Inline-CSS: 1000 units 💻

📑 FREE Reference Sheet & Web App 📑
To make life easier, we’ve created a reference sheet that you can use for future projects. Plus, try our free web app for calculating CSS specificity CSS Specificity Calculator: https://ztools.zaions.com/css-specificity-calculator.

📝 Note: Combinator selectors count is currently in progress and will be added soon.

🎉 Examples & More! 🎉
We demonstrate several real-world examples, so by the end of this tutorial, you will be proficient in calculating CSS specificity.

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