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Ever wondered how websites interact with users? Forms and input tags are the keystones of user interactions on the web. In this tutorial, you’ll get a clear understanding of what these elements are and how to use them effectively.

📌 Table of Contents:
– Introduction to HTML Forms 📝
– Dive Into Input Tags 🛠
– Attributes & Parameters 📊
– Get the Code: Access Our GitHub Repository 📂

What’s Coming Next? 🎉
– 📝 Introduction to HTML Forms:
– – Get a solid grasp of what the “form” tag is.
– – Explore its attributes like name, action, and method.

– 🛠 Dive Into Input Tags:
– – Learn about the “input” tag and how it facilitates user input.
– – Understand starter attributes like type and placeholder.

– 📊 Attributes & Parameters:
– – Learn about different attributes of both form and input tags.
– – Understand when and why to use specific attributes.

🎉 What’s Coming Next?
We’re just scratching the surface! Get excited for the next video where we’ll discuss different type values for “input” tags and much more.

🌟 See You Next Time & Have Fun!