Top Best Themes for WordPress Website Development – Amazon & Udemy Like Website.

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In this video we will talk about the top Free & Paid themes in WordPress. we will talk about first paid themes best suited for you if you are a WordPress developer freelancer or if you want to develop many websites for your client’s so the following three themes will be the best theme for you.

#1 theme for you, if you are a WordPress developer freelancer, or want to start a WordPress agency, is Divi theme.
Divi theme nowadays is one of the most popular themes for WordPress development. You can develop almost all types of websites using this theme in WordPress.

Divi theme has more than 100 pre-built website templates. I mean you buy one theme and you get almost more than 100 free prebuild websites which you can use again and again.
So the Divi theme is the number one theme for you.

#2 is the Avada theme.
Avada theme is almost like the Divi theme. it is also the best option for you if you are a WordPress freelancer/developer or want to start a WordPress agency.
In the Avada theme we have more than 65 prebuild functional websites.
one of its prebuilt templates are template for construction website, company portfolio website, and many more.

After that comes the bridge theme.
Bridge theme is #3 most popular theme for WordPress website development in this theme we have more than 463 build website template, mean we buy one theme and we get more than 463 websites and in this website’s we have all types of websites, live construction website portfolio website for my website shop website eCommerce website and many more.

Till now we have discussed the three most popular themes which cover almost every website category in WordPress.

Now comes #4, if you want Amazon-like website then the best-suited theme for you in WordPress is electro theme.

Electron theme is almost replica of Amazon website, in this theme we have more than 12 pre-built templates one of which is Amazon-like.
I mean we buy one thing and we get almost 12 different versions for the eCommerce website and all these 12 versions are best functional and with great UI UX experience.

At last, we have a udemy like website, Mean if you want to start an online course selling website, then the best theme for you is masterstudy theme.

in this theme we have almost 16 different versions for online course selling websites one of which is udemy affiliate.
this udemy affiliate template of this theme is almost a replica of the udemy website.

In this theme we have a completely functional website for course business mean in this theme we are able to add courses and their contacts then after that, we can create teachers and student can do register in this website and they can enroll in the course and there is also a question-answer section and a live chat section so this is the best time for you if you want to start a udemy like a website.

Finally, these were the five best themes for WordPress development. All these themes are the most customizable and editable themes to develop websites in WordPress.
So these were the top 5 themes for you in WordPress.

Now comes if you want to use a free theme in WordPress.

if you want to use a free theme in WordPress I suggest you only install it using the add new button in WordPress dashboard.
you can see under the themes option there is an additional new option if you click that you get to add new theme page there you can see a list of all free themes in WordPress you can choose anything from that and you can install that theme directly from there.

That’s it for today’s video.
in this video you learn, which are the top five most popular themes in WordPress. And after that you have you learn how to install free themes in WordPress.

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