WordPress Theme Customization Course – Introduction – Zaions.Com

hi there, and welcome to WordPress Theme Customization Course.

What We’ll Learn in this Course
1) What is WordPress
2) Installing WordPress Theme
3) Changing WordPress Theme
4) Theme Customization (No Coding)
5) Plugins to increase user experience and site functionality
6) WordPress Website SEO (on-page SEO)
7) Tips for off-page SEO
8) WordPress Speed Optimization (Detailed Guide)
9) We’ll use some Paid Themes as well

What to Expect?
1) WordPress Basic Knowledge
2) WordPress Themes understanding
3) WordPress Plugins understanding
4) WordPress Site SEO (on-page)
5) WordPress Site Speed Optimization (Detailed)
6) WordPress Website Development Using Themes and Plugins

What Not to Expect?
1) No Coding
2) No Custom Theme Development
3) No Custom Plugin Development

This Course is Best For
1) Beginner WordPress Developers
2) As well as intermediate WordPress Developers
3) User with personal WordPress website
4) Anybody who wants to learn WordPress Theme Customization

What You Will Be Able After This Course
1) You will understand WordPress in a much better way
2) You will be able to develop almost any website using Free/Paid available
3) Themes and Plugins
4) You can start your career as a WordPress Developer
5) You will be able to handle your WordPress Website Easily
6) You will be able to do On-Page SEO of your website
7) You will be able to Speed-Up your WordPress Website
8) You will Be a WordPress Rock :)

See You in the Course :)