🎉 Welcome to the moment we’ve all been waiting for on Zaions’ HTML & CSS Course – our FIRST dive into actual coding! In this episode, we’re not just typing lines; we’re breathing life into the foundation of web pages. 🌐

🖋 Here’s what we’ll uncover today:

DOCTYPE: Understand the significance of declaring your document type.
html: Dive into the root of all HTML documents.
head: Discover the container for metadata and its essence.
title: The title bar’s unsung hero. Learn its importance!
body: The heart and soul of our content’s structure.
p: Meet the simple, yet mighty, paragraph tag.
By the end of this session, these tags will be like old friends – familiar and essential. Grab your keyboards; our coding journey begins NOW! 🔥

This structure is designed to excite the viewer about embarking on the coding journey with you, emphasizing the foundational importance of these initial tags.

🌟 See You Next Time & Have Fun!