Settings Tab & its Sub-Options – Discussion, Media, Permalinks, Privacy – Explained for Beginners.

“Reading tab” remaining,
And at last, comes the most important setting if your website is under maintenance mode or is incoming soon mode, then you will not want the search engines to index your website.

So you can discourage search engines for indexing your site by going into the Reading tab and then here you can see the last option is “search engine visibility”, you can simply check this box which says “discourage search engines from indexing”,

If you check this box search engine will not index your website but this option is dangerous, Why?
Dangerous Because, if your website development is complete and you forgot to uncheck this option then your SEO will not work, because search engines can’t index your website because of this option, so keep in mind to disable this option after the completion of your WordPress website.

in this video we will talk about the remaining options of settings tab the options we will talk about today our discussion media permalinks and privacy, first of all, we will talk about discussion tab so start your WordPress website and go into WordPress dashboard and finally comes in under settings tab into discussion tab.

here you can configure the global setting for comment system in your WordPress website you can think it is as the global manager for the commenting system in WordPress.

here you can block users from commenting on new posts, to block users from commenting you just have to
1) uncheck the third option which says “allow people to submit comments on your pores”
after that, you have to
2) check no. 5 option which says “automatically close comments on posts older than one day here it by default says 14 days but you have to enter one in the input field and after that, you have to save changes this will block users from commenting on your posts.

other than that you can also district and registered user from commenting you can see the four-fifth option says user must be register and logged in to comment if you check this option then you have to log in before commenting on your website so this is also a good option.

And atlas you can manually check each man before it goes live on your website how can you configure this setting you just have to check the option in front of before a comment appears this is heading name and you can see the first option is comment must be manually upload if you check this option and save changes then each payment must be manually approved before it goes live on your website.

that’s all for the discussion tab you can see all remaining options.

next comes the media tab where you can configure the default image setting image size setting for your WordPress website main you can configure the thumbnail size of your website medium image size enlargement size you can if you want your image thumbnail to be 100/100 simply have to come in the setting and you can see the first app says thumbnail size here you can configure the setting for thumbnail image size.

and you can also say under the thumbnail size there is an option saying crop thumbnail to exact dimensions if you want your images to be crop to exact size then check this option otherwise I just you to leave this option and check because this will grow pure images in a very ugly where solve this option.

lastly in the media tab you can see there is an option for uploading files and this option says organize my uploads in 2 month and year days folders I recommend you always keep this option enabled.

this option will organize your files when you upload them on your website in the backend in monthly based folders.

That’s all for the media tab.

Next comes the permalink settings of your WordPress website.

This setting is very important regarding the SEO of your website because I hope you know that your website URL should be SEO friendly.

in WordPress, it is very easy to make your WordPress websites URL SEO friendly you just have to come in permalinks setting and here you can configure the URL setting for your website and I suggest you keep your to keep this setting always at post name what this will do this will make your URLs SEO friendly.

And that’s pretty much all in permalinks setting.

and finally, it is privacy tab, here you can set the privacy page of your website,
Make a privacy page, then select that page in this setting, and save changes this will save the privacy page for your website.

That is all in the settings tab on the WordPress website.