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In this lesson, we’re focusing on the foundation of any HTML document—structuring. Specifically, we’re going to delve into the ‘Div’ tag, the most universal grouping tag in HTML. 🌐

📌 Table of Contents:
Why Structure Matters
Introduction to Div Tag
Best Practices for Using Div Tags
What’s Next?

🎯 What Will You Learn?
Why Structure Matters 🧱
Structured HTML documents are essential for creating user-friendly and SEO-optimized websites. So, we’re kicking off this video by stressing the importance of structure.

Introduction to Div Tag 📦
Learn what the Div tag is, why it’s the most universal wrapping tag, and how you can use it to group other HTML elements.

Best Practices for Using Div Tags 🛠️
Yes, Div tags are important, but it’s not always wise to use them indiscriminately. Discover the alternative semantic tags like header, footer, main, section, article, and aside, which we will cover in future tutorials.

What’s Next? 🗺️
We’ll be replacing Div tags with semantic tags in our upcoming video to maintain structure while also adding meaning to the document.

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